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This one small act will bring more success into your life

By 04/11/2019November 5th, 2019I Need A New Job

Today I want to talk about one small act that will bring more success into your life.

Last month, we hosted a call in the Work Bigger Community about managing others and becoming a leader. 

Being a manager and leading others can be really tough. It’s a big career transition where all of a sudden you’re: 

  • Navigating office politics and new relationships in the workplace,
  • Managing a team and managing up – you have to understand the needs’ of many different people,
  • And you’re responsible for your team’s results.

As you move into a leadership position your role becomes less about doing “all” the work and more about leading others so it’s really important that you learn how to motivate your team – because that motivation will directly impact your workload and your success. 

In this video (or audio) episode, I share how you can better motivate others so that you can get closer to your mission and drive success for yourself and your team. 

Once you’re done watching, I’d love to help you through YOUR specific challenge. In the comments, let me know:

  • What are some of your struggles as a leader or a manager? 
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