Receive Ongoing Group Coaching to Build the Career and Life You Want... Faster

Why is finding the right career so DAMN HARD? Does this sound like you?

You’re driven, ambitious, you work your tail off, and you want to make an impact through your work. You’ve tried one or two or three jobs (and maybe you’re even on to your second or third career), and something still isn’t clicking. And now you feel like you’re stuck in this cycle, hoping maybe the next job you land will be “the one.”

Here’s the problem…

You have big goals and want to make an impact, but you have no idea what that looks like or where to start

You always end up working for a company that wastes time on office politics and unnecessary drama, rather than the real, important work that needs to get done

You don't want to put a cap on your potential - but where are all the growth opportunities? And what do you really need to feel challenged anyway?

You're talented and you know it - but imposter syndrome and lack of confidence creep up on you stalling your growth

You're looking for work that's challenging, but you also want to maintain your sanity and wellbeing, and you're thinking "Is this possible?"

Putting yourself first feels hard. You're not setting aside time for yourself, and even though you know you're capable of accomplishing your dreams, you're neglecting your personal and professional goals (which, let's be honest, doesn't feel good)

You want to start your job search and career change but starting with LinkedIn and Indeed and applying to jobs online is depressing the hell out of you...

You want to make a move, but you're thinking "I'll have to take a pay cut"...and this stops you before you even start

“We only think about the cost of failing. What's the cost of not trying?”

What you need is a Coach + Community that always have your back. Join the Group Coaching Membership

Our mission is to help you do work you love that makes a difference in the world without burning out.

The work you do matters and has bigger implications than you realize (even if you don’t always think about it that way). The more you succeed, and the more you love your work – the more you contribute to a just and conscious world.

$97 / month

(Quarterly membership with monthly plans available)

Is the group coaching membership a good fit for you? And are you a good fit for us?

You’ll be successful here if we’re a good match for each other. Is this you?


You're done feeling lost and anxious in your career, and you're ready to identify a clear career path so you can feel excited and energized about your future

You're willing to invest in yourself because you know that means making a commitment to your goals and who you want to become

You want to find your mission and work from a purpose-driven place. You're ready for your work to mean something to you

You want to create a career you love, on your own terms, whether that means working for a small organization or becoming an independent consultant or a serial entrepreneur.

You're ready to do what it takes to reach your goal - work on your mindset, put together a plan, ask for help and show up to do the work

You're ready to shut out the voices in your head that say "I can't" because deep down you know you can, and you will

You're done going at this alone. You want to build strong relationships with like-minded, driven people who push you to go farther

You want to become a leader who can affect change and make an impact at work and in your personal life

You want to challenge the status quo, and you want to make the world a better place. You're anti-racist, an intersectional feminist, support LGBTQ and all human rights

You're a kind human, a giver, and you're open to listening and learning

Here's what you get as a Work Bigger member

As a member, you receive monthly ongoing group coaching so you don’t have to do this whole career journey alone. And we take the discomfort and icky feeling out of networking by providing you with the most supportive community around. Through quarterly or annual membership, you receive:




Group Coaching

Our coaching is based in neuroscience to help you build new habits, develop confidence and reach your full potential.


Find your mission: You'll identify your WHY - what drives you and makes you tick.

Identify strengths and opportunities (i.e. skill gaps). Leverage strengths to carve out your career path.

Overcome imposter syndrome: Work from a place of confidence versus fear.

Up-level your energy and manage your time so that you get your life back.

Hone in on a possibility and growth mindset to create the optimal opportunities for your career.

Become a leader: Learn conscious communication, how to give and receive feedback, and how to coach others.

Community Discussions

You’ll participate in monthly member-led calls and accountability sessions to deepen connections and learn from each other.


Making a big career pivot and transitioning to a new industry - how to do it and how to communicate your value.

How to communicate with influence and learn to work with others.

How to manage a team and navigate your organization - especially as a woman and a minority.

How to do mission-driven work when you also have to pay the bills.

How to become an entrepreneur and build multiple revenue streams.

How to optimize your health - physically, emotionally, mentally.

And More

You’ll access additional curated resources to support you with taking action.


40+ audio and video courses, facilitated community discussions and coaching calls for you to study at your own pace.

Workbooks, worksheets, check lists and curated resources to deepen your learning.

Monthly zoom calls to facilitate coaching, connections and community.

Curated job opportunities and facilitated connections.

Access to private Facebook group to support with accountability and connections.


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What Happens When You Join Work Bigger?

So much more is possible! When you join the membership and commit to your goals, your life changes. Here’s what we see happening everyday.


You actually look forward to getting up in the morning and going to work. You're doing work you love that you feel connected to

You realize that putting yourself first and prioritizing your goals actually helps the people around you - your family, your colleagues and everyone in your life you care about. They're getting the best version of you

Things finally click into place! You know what to say *hell yes* to and what to say *hell no* to (and you don't feel bad about it)

You cut out the BS! You know what's most important to you and you're ready to focus on that

You're making decisions from a place of possibility versus a place of fear. So much more is possible for you

You're no longer living on auto-pilot, and burnout is a thing of the past. You're working from a place of health and joy

You're not alone in this whole career journey. You're surrounding yourself with people who are driven, like-minded and awesome - like you

You have a plan! Whether that's a job search strategy or a plan to launch a new venture

Don't take it from us. Here's what members are saying:

I can't tell you how much I appreciate you and the Work Bigger community; I'm so happy I joined and really look forward to our calls each week and the connections with others. I even look forward to completing the worksheets and really see it as a fun homework of sorts, one that is really productive and tangible in pushing me forward to get my life to where I want it.

I seriously would be having a ton of anxiety if it weren't for you. But with your help, I feel ready to go and excited about what's the come!

Sarah DonnaMarketing Manager

Before I joined the Work Bigger community, I felt lost in my career. There were immediate next steps I could take to get ahead at work, but nothing was making me feel fulfilled in my professional work.

Joining the Work Bigger community has helped me discover that there are others facing similar challenges, and I've made great connections with others who have supported me along my journey to uncover my personal mission and jumpstart the next phase of my career.

Ada ChenProduct + GTM Strategy

I started Work Bigger thinking I wanted to find a job, and I realized what I wanted to find was myself and express that more authentically through my work.

The last few months have certainly pushed me to confront areas of my life and mind that need attention to start clearing space for what’s to come. I am proud of the work I’ve done and am so glad we have connected and worked together! I appreciate the ways you’ve championed my journey and reminded me that I am not alone. Thank you!

Alexandra HamptonSocial Entrepreneur; Public Health Researcher

Before joining Work Bigger, I struggled with clarity of purpose….I desperately wanted to know my purpose but truthfully did not give myself the permission to consider what my purpose/dreams would look like for fear that it would come at a cost to my children. I also did not take the time to quiet my soul and focus my energy to discern what that purpose is.

My decision to join Work Bigger gave me the space to focus on myself, my goals, my dreams and ultimately discover my mission. I was able to articulate specifically what my struggles were with my current job, and I was able to realize that living out my mission in my career was a reasonable and achievable desire.

I’m now able to articulate my core values, strengths and my mission. I can see the alignment between all three and now know what I need in order to be happy in my profession. I also now have more direction on the type of career I want to have that will fulfill my core values and my purpose.

If you’re thinking about joining Work Bigger, take the leap. It is an investment in yourself and your future. It will require hard work on your part, perhaps to be more vulnerable and introspective than you are used to but if you commit to the process you will so appreciate the end results!

Luaskya NononAssistant General Counsel

Near the end of last year I became part of a group of people who are truly the most inspiring, wise, self aware, humble, bright, beautiful people I've ever had the pleasure of conversing with.

The ideas we share inspire growth, happiness, curiosity, creativity...The tribe is essential to my personal growth and development. These kind of tribes feed the mind, body and soul!

Leah NoumoffMarketing & Branding Specialist / Artist

Work Bigger has helped provide a structure to filtering the noise in a logical and rational way. This has made a huge impact in how I think and process feelings and emotions.

The community has also provided me with a network of strong people trying to empower each other to better the world around us. What I also appreciate is the judgment free zone.

I've been in many groups or meetings where they've used the phrase "judgement free" but we can all feel that it's not. With this group, however, you can sense that the intentions of everyone are to truly help support and build each other.

Neena StephenGlobal Program Manager

I was in the middle of a frustrating job search when I first connected with Belma and the Work Bigger Community. I struggled with figuring out how to best prepare for interviews (fighting my nerves, polishing my responses, and adding a level of panache to my presentation.)

By working with a Work Bigger Coach, I was able to really impress my interviewers and was offered a job on the spot! I am so satisfied with Belma's incredible connecting skills and the accessible, ever expanding Work Bigger platform.

Madeline MartinezPublic Policy / Housing Paralegal

Belma has given me the tools to better understand my own needs and abilities, empowering me to overcome obstacles, build stronger relationships, and work toward my goals.

Through Work Bigger, she has brought together a community of individuals willing not only to challenge themselves, but also to show up for themselves and each other. I'm very skeptical about "self-improvement" offerings, but Work Bigger is a truly quality program, and I'm so glad to have invested in my growth this way.

Emily Rose PratsStrategist, Facilitator, Community Builder

I joined Work Bigger feeling lost in my career path and frustrated in my day-to-day work. Through Belma's coaching and programs, in six months I am in a totally different, healthier headspace.

Nothing has changed about my job, but I have changed - armed with the strategies, discoveries, and support I've gained from this community. I am more optimistic than ever as I continue my journey to find my mission, and I know I have a circle of strong women to support me as I do it.

Kait EdwardsSenior Project Manager

I searched for months trying to find the right program. I never made the investment in other programs, because many of the self-guided programs felt like a money drop and I knew I would probably not complete them.

What drew me to Work Bigger was the combination of self-guided exploration and action with coaching support, which helped me stay accountable and engaged.

The coaching was so critical to my newfound confidence and at a cost that was much more reasonable than private one-on-one coaching. I now have a new outlook on my career path and life goals!

One of the best things has been having the framework to focus and refocus my career goals. Finding your path is not a one-time experience in life, and so to have a framework I can utilize when new opportunities arise is incredibly valuable.

I highly recommend Work Bigger for anyone looking to change careers, but don't know where to start, for anyone with an idea of where they want to go, but not sure how to get there, or for anyone looking to figure out what their passion and purpose is.

Allison CallowSocial Impact Consultant & Sustainability Specialist

I accepted a job offer today and negotiated a salary 14% higher than the original offer!

Additionally, I added more duties and responsibilities that align with my strengths and interests based on the results from Work Bigger.

I had a lot of fun in the process of creating this role through writing, pitching and connected conversations. I couldn't have done it without support of Work Bigger. All this coaching and work-shopping came together so nicely!

Rachel WinterProgram Manager

If you know you’re supposed to be doing something else with your life but are paralyzed by the uncertainty of what to do, Work Bigger is for you.

This was an investment for never ending support.

Magaly ViezcasAsset Manager

With the Work Bigger program, I’ve been able to connect more meaningfully to my values, strengths and emotions, in order to gain greater clarity on my mission to help drive me toward my future goals. It’s an amazing community to be part of with so many talented and smart women to connect with who inspire me daily! So glad to have found this tribe!

Wendy AveniusBrand Management Consultant

Through working with Belma and Work Bigger, I realized how to stop being indecisive. The answer to whether or not I was in the right job, or on the best career track, was there all along. Belma facilitated my aha moment that only arrived once I peeled back the layers about what I value and what energizes me.

I now have a beacon for what I most value, and therefore what I want to pursue in my career and life. This empowers me to make decisions. For anyone who has struggled with questioning themselves, I highly recommend working with Belma and the Work Bigger community. Putting words to what gives you energy and what you most value lays a solid foundation to make decisions that will fulfill you.

When you join the Work Bigger community you gain relationships with a group of diverse and authentic people. Belma is a steady force who allows you to move at a pace comfortable for you, while maintaining communication to let you know she is there to support you. Opening up to Belma comes naturally because she is super approachable, down to earth and knowledgeable. She knows just what to ask in order for you to arrive at your own conclusions, which made my experience with Work Bigger that much more rewarding.

Alexandra KislevitzManager of Talent Acquisition

When I met Belma and decided to join Work Bigger, I was in a place of self-doubt. After many years of a successful career, I had recently left a role which I originally expected to stay in for many more years. I became unclear about my value, how to define it and, given my age, the likelihood that I could land another role that I would enjoy.

When I began to participate in group coaching and had my individual coaching with Belma, I started to work on my mindset. The process helped me re-find myself and how to control the unproductive feeling that I was an imposter. Now I was better equipped to create strong marketing materials (e.g. bio, resume, linkedin profile) to support my job search.

Gradually I began to see more opportunities opening up for me. I am currently considering one offer and in the midst of exploring three other opportunities. I am confident I will land well and land soon. My Work Bigger experience has been instrumental in getting my mindset in the right place which is critical for making progress toward your goals. Belma is gifted at guiding you through that process and the community is an extremely supportive and safe place to discover yourself.
I highly recommend joining this special group and taking advantage of the group sessions and the materials on the website to help you achieve your professional dreams.

Judy L.Chief Marketing Officer

Work Bigger has helped me set ambitious goals, find community, and gain confidence! It is a truly unique program that has given me a community of women and a coach to get honest about the uncertainty and excitement that comes with career growth.

Dana WakeleyLearning Development Manager

Before WorkBigger, I was struggling with my mission. I was going from job to job without truly thinking about what values were important to me. My intention was to slow down and truly find myself during my work with WorkBigger.

During my time with WorkBigger, I was able to spend time with other entrepreneurs and bosses. This made me realize that there were others who were struggling with the same issues I was. I now feel less "alone" and love being a part of the WorkBigger community.

I’m much more confident in my decision-making. I know how to proceed forward without overthinking every decision, big or small.

Act now and move forward with WorkBigger! It will make a HUGE difference for your life. It's beyond career. It's about finding your happiness and mission. You won't regret the decision to work with Belma. She's an incredible person and the people she works with are all amazing!

Michelle HacundaBrand Story Teller, Communications & Marketing Strategy


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Hi, I'm Belma - your coach and community leader

My mission is to help you do work you love that makes a difference in the world without burning out. I think too many of us who have big goals struggle with figuring out what we want to do. We burn out and let fear get in our way, and we stop ourselves from making progress with our dreams. The result? Frustration, pain, a waste of time and money...

I believe there's a better way.

Work Bigger is not for everyone. It's for the high-potential, ambitious individual who wants their work to be a force for good.

For me, finding the right coaches and community changed my life. I learned what was possible when I felt completely hopeless. I learned to be a leader, use my voice, negotiate with confidence, and pursue my mission despite the voice in my head telling me I wasn’t smart enough or strong enough. This is what I want for you.

I've spent years coaching and mentoring individuals on career development. I've worked across all industries, including tech, media, healthcare and finance, and as a coach, I'm trained with the NeuroLeadership Institute - an organization using neuroscience to make leadership development more human. I know what it takes to find both success and happiness.

I'd love to help you get there too.

Invest in Yourself

Apply to join for ongoing coaching and community support through membership (that's a fraction of the cost of 1:1 coaching).

Quarterly Membership

$ 97

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Annual Membership

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Still Have Questions? Check Out our FAQs

This seems like a group for women. Are men allowed?

We welcome everyone – womxn, men, non-binary folks. One of our core values is diversity and we’re actively working to diversify the community. We want more male allies and non-binary folks to join so if the membership speaks to you, we’d love for you to apply.

Is this a set program or an ongoing membership?

The Work Bigger Group Coaching membership is designed to be ongoing. Think of it like a gym, but for your career and professional development. Each month you’ll receive a new class to support you with your goals, and you’ll have access to all previous classes as well.

What’s the difference between this and private coaching?

In private coaching, you work with a coach 1:1, and the work is structured to achieve certain goals in a four to nine month period. With group coaching, you work on your goals in a group setting. Hearing others’ struggles is really helpful and can shed light on how to work on your own goals. You also tap into community for resources and support.

What if I want 1:1 coaching?

We have an option for that. Check out this page.

Do you talk about politics in the group?

Though we don’t talk about politics specifically, we fully encourage and support conversation on anti-racism, LGBTQ rights, intersectional feminism, the environment and any topic that will help us create a more conscious and better world. If that’s a problem for you, this group is not for you.

I want to find my mission, but I’m nervous. Will I have to make a big career pivot?

Maybe, but maybe not. We can’t guarantee what path you’ll land on, but we can guarantee that finding your mission will change your life for the better and will set you up to fulfill your dreams. It’s life changing!

I want to be mission-driven, but I don’t want to work for a non-profit or a social impact company.

So glad you bring this up! Finding your mission is about neither of these things. Finding your mission is about doing work that’s meaningful to you – that work doesn’t have to be in the nonprofit or social impact space.

Did we miss something?

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