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Increasing employee engagement and retention through leadership, wellbeing and career coaching.

How we work with organizations

We support organizations through a variety of services to drive employee engagement and retention.


1-hour+ talks, panels, fireside chats


1-hour to full day


1:1 and groups, large to intimate


Wellbeing, career pathing and leadership

The Work Bigger Methodology

Our methodology is a 4-step process that takes employees from awareness to sustainable behavior change so that they can be more engaged and connected at work. More engaged and connected employees stay with the organization longer, and they drive greater results.


Cultivate Awareness

Shed light on the beliefs and behaviors that are holding employees back

Shift Response

Transform thinking and mental and emotional response to make decisions that are empowering and align with goals/values

Change Behavior

Set goals and take action to change behavior. Put structures in place to support with commitments, needs, goals and vision


Create ongoing habits to create sustainable results

Workshops and Leadership Development Curriculum

Programs are customized to company’s goals and needs.

Mindset & Wellbeing

Employees today are burned out and exhausted. This not only impacts team productivity, but also employee wellbeing. Employees will learn how to process their burnout and reclaim their healthy mindset so they can execute on their goals, support their teams, and learn to operate from a healther place.

Outcomes include:


Increased self awareness on what's driving effective or ineffective decision-making and behavior.

Improved self-regulation and confidence in decision making.

Ability to work from a healthier mindset, improving employee and team wellbeing.

Purpose & Values

Knowing your values and your purpose provides an anchor as you navigate the workplace and your leadership journey. It also enables you to make clear, focused and intentional decisions. In groups, values bring people together. Employees will learn what their core values are and how those values connect to their roles in the organization.

Outcomes include:


Deeper connection to self and organizational values.

Increased confidence in individuals' purpose and work.

Increased engagement in the workplace and in one's career path.

Understanding of how to apply values to their developing careers.

Conscious Leadership

Our workplace is complex and we’re often navigating different personalities, needs and values. Individuals are also navigating their own goals within the context of the larger organization. Employees will learn the difference between reactive and proactive behavior, and how to shift to proactive. They’ll also learn waht triggers them emotionally and how to process difficult situations.

Outcomes include:


Ability to improve one's mindset and create emotional balance.

Ability to focus on what one can control, improving relationships in the workplace and extending influence.

Ability to lead with empathy, impacting how employees interact with each other.

Work Bigger Media Mentions & Partners

What people are saying about Work Bigger

I had no idea what to expect and seriously wish I could do this (workshop) every week!


This turned out to be an incredibly diverse group and an incredibly passionate group. Nice work! A lot of problems are emotional and we forget that others have dealt with them which can help you.


I need to take charge and you showed me I'm NOT alone!


Sharing our timeline and being able to get feedback was my favorite part of the workshop!


Listening to everyone's stories, feedback and advice (was my favorite part of the workshop). I scribbled down a lot of wisdom and resonated with the fear and anxiety that people voiced.

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