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Partnering with Work Bigger means that Your Organization


Embraces the future of work. In a rapidly changing workplace, employees are looking for connection, growth and opportunity. We provide that through a vetted network of career coaches, community and programming.


Is looking to drive business success by fostering a culture of creativity and innovation. Your company understands that a developed talent pool directly impacts profit.


Wants to advance more women and marginalized groups into leadership roles. A more diverse workforce improves the bottom line.


Cares about its employees, period. During times of transition and change, there are always challenges, but your company prioritizes employee engagement and loyalty.

Workshop Offerings

Negotiation Workshop

Negotiating only $5,000 more in a starting salary can lead to an additional $500,000 by the time an individual is 65 years old. As a leader, learning to negotiate with internal stakeholders and external partners is key for success. It’s a skill that allows employees to sell their ideas powerfully and create long-lasting partnerships for their companies.

In this training, employees will learn:
– How to negotiate anything they want
– The mental and emotional aspect of negotiation
– Framework to plan for their next negotiation

Outcomes include the skills to influence others and negotiate with confidence, an ability to lead with empathy, impacting how they interact with and manage team members, and the opportunity to increase earning potential for self and company.

Growth Mindset & Leadership Training

To be a great leader, you have to adopt a growth mindset. It’s the foundation to building a successful career. In this workshop, Work Bigger will train employees to develop a growth mindset and become confident leaders.

Actionable Ways to Combat Imposter Syndrome

This workshop focuses on identifying and becoming more comfortable with the intersection between bragging, imposter syndrome, and owning your skills, strengths and achievements.  We’ll remove the mystique around this concept by creating actionable steps to move beyond feelings of imposter syndrome so that women can own their worth and level up as leaders.

Find Your Mission

We’re often asked, “What’s your passion?” As a result, we spend years working to translate our passions into a fulfilling career. However, passion is fleeting and rarely can we translate one interest into a long-term path.
What we need to be pursuing is a mission – work that we’re deeply connected to and allows us to be of service. In this workshop, we’ll review a framework to build a mission-driven career. We’ll then hone in on key interests, and identify the big “WHY,” which anchors us to our work.

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What people are saying about Work Bigger

I had no idea what to expect and seriously wish I could do this (workshop) every week!


This turned out to be an incredibly diverse group and an incredibly passionate group. Nice work! A lot of problems are emotional and we forget that others have dealt with them which can help you.


I need to take charge and you showed me I'm NOT alone!


Sharing our timeline and being able to get feedback was my favorite part of the workshop!


Listening to everyone's stories, feedback and advice (was my favorite part of the workshop). I scribbled down a lot of wisdom and resonated with the fear and anxiety that people voiced.