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{Video} Racial Bias, Creativity & Starting a Business That Changes the World

What happens when someone tells you that you can’t do something because of your race? And what if this someone is an influencer whose work is devoted to helping marginalized groups?

Christina Blacken, Strategy Director at Gizmodo and founder of The New Quo, received this message from an old boss, and witnessing the deep inauthenticity in her boss’ work fueled her to act.

Her response to this racial bias? She launched a media platform.

In this interview, Christina Blacken and I talk about:

(1) The importance of creating a better world and overcoming racial bias,

(2) Why creativity is so important and what you can do to be more creative, and

(3) How to build a business while also working full time.

After you’ve finished watching this video on racial bias and starting a company, we’d love to hear from you! Which part of Christina’s story resonates with you the most? And what are your thoughts on creativity? How can we leverage this skill to solve some of the biggest problems in the world?

{This video was first shared in the Work Bigger Community on Facebook}



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