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{Video} How to Do Work You Love On Your Own Terms

Are you looking for work you love? “When I looked at the senior people at the companies where I worked, I didn’t want their lifestyle and they didn’t seem happy. I became determined to find another route for myself.”

Sound familiar? In this video, Danielle Kayembe, social impact entrepreneur and CEO of GreyFire Impact, and I speak about how she transitioned from investment banking and management consulting to entrepreneurship as she found work that she loves.

We’re discussing how to make BIG transitions and redefine work so that work is a vehicle for driving change.

In this video, we cover:

(1) How to pursue work that aligns with your values and needs,

(2) Coded patriarchy – what is it and what can we do about it?

(3) What else we can do to raise our collective consciousness and work towards a more sustainable future.

After you’ve finished watching this video about finding work you love, let us know in the comments – what’s the greatest insight that you’ve taken? What are your thoughts on coded patriarchy and how do you see this playing out in your workplace?

{This video was first shared in the Work Bigger Community on Facebook}

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