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How to Feel Less Lonely in Your Career

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In today’s post, I share how to feel less lonely in your career.

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt lonely in my career. 

And most days I work alone in my apartment. 

Four years ago, however, I couldn’t say this. In fact, as a founder, I felt really alone. 

My family didn’t always understand my obsession with fixing the career dilemma we’re in and building a business to solve this challenge. 

And many of my friends weren’t founders so I couldn’t lean on them for all the business questions I had swimming around in my mind. 

Add to that, I was also a new mom, which is a big transition that comes with its own challenges.

I’d try to share my thoughts, fears and goals with the people I loved, but it wasn’t enough. 

They weren’t able to give me what I needed. 

And it wasn’t their fault. 

They were in a different place and although they loved me and wanted to help, they couldn’t directly relate or tell me what I needed to hear. 

Fast forward to today, and I’ve never felt more supported with my career goals. 

I no longer need to put expectations on my family and friends to be there for me in a way that they can’t, and I no longer need to navigate my career in the dark.  This has been incredibly freeing, but it’s also allowed me to improve my relationship with my family and friends and allowed me to build my business. 

So HOW did this shift happen? 

One of the biggest reasons I’m less lonely today is because I’ve found community… 

Community has gifted me with: 

  1. Friends who are working toward similar goals so that I have a solid support system to combat loneliness,
  2. Resources to answer my biggest, burning questions like my leadership coach, lawyers, accountants, my executive assistant and so much more,
  3. A safe space to share struggles, and
  4. So much more! 

There are a lot of communities out there today, and if you’re working on big goals with your career, I highly recommend you find one that speaks to you because It’s a game changer in terms of support.

In today’s video, I share how to find the right community. 

I’ve also put together a workbook to help you find the right community, and a new and updated list of communities I love. Get it here. 

Once you’re done watching, let me know in the comments. 

  • How does loneliness show up for you?
  • What do you rely on as a source of support.

Share in the comments because your answer may directly support someone else.

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