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3 game changing tips to turbocharge your creativity

Got a big negotiation looming, a complex work project to crack, or career questions that have you scratching your head? The secret ingredient to solving those problems? You guessed it – creativity. Keep reading for 3 game changing tips to turbocharge your creativity and unlock solutions for almost any problem, all while fueling your career journey.

You see, when we talk about creativity, our minds often jump straight to the world of art. “I’m not creative,” I used to insist in college when I couldn’t whip up an exciting PowerPoint or come up with a unique Halloween costume. But here’s the deal – creativity isn’t limited to the arts. It’s all about conjuring up fresh and original ideas. Think back to the time when you came up with a fresh approach to tackle a problem – that’s your creativity in action.

So, if you’re feeling the heat to find solutions for your career dilemmas – perhaps you’re feeling a bit adrift about your next steps, or your job search strategy is hitting a wall, or you’re pondering how to infuse passion into your work – you’ve landed on the right page.

1. Keep an Open Mind

Innovation often sprouts from the most unexpected places. Take, for instance, Ada Chen, a Work Bigger member who couldn’t find natural skincare products that aligned with her needs. She spent her summer immersed in research, whipping up homemade remedies, and voila! Not only did she crack the skincare puzzle, but she birthed a whole new business, Chuan’s Promise. Ada’s mission, rooted in values like transparency, sustainability, inclusion, and social justice, now permeates her products and brand.

Here’s a curveball for you: Stephanie Burns, the brains behind Chic CEO, hunted for startup capital by auditioning for Wheel of Fortune. Yes, you read that right! Winning a game show might not be the conventional route, but it’s a brilliant example of thinking beyond the norm. So, ask yourself, where might you find those unexpected solutions to your challenges?

2. Flare then Focus

This nifty technique, plucked from the design thinking playbook, involves going broad before zeroing in on the specifics. If you’re grappling with your career’s next steps, give this exercise a whirl.

Start by jotting down every thought swirling in your mind or any ideas you’ve been toying with. As you make your list, judgment is a no-no – go for volume. There’s no such thing as a bad idea here.

Set a timer and see what you conjure up in 20 or 30 minutes. Don’t hold back. Crazy, out-of-the-box ideas are not just welcome; they can spark breakthroughs and inspire fresh insights. Relish the process and grant yourself the freedom to explore!

You can even rope in a friend or two to join in the brainstorming. This way, you can build on each other’s suggestions. Once you’ve laid out all your options, it’s time to zero in. Handpick five things to pursue or delve deeper into.

3. Take a Break

At times, we push ourselves to the limit in the quest for answers. But, the award-winning inventor and color photography pioneer Frederic Eugene Ives had a different strategy. When faced with a mammoth problem, he’d take a nap or dive into something captivating. More often than not, a flash of insight or a fresh idea would follow.

Clearing your mind creates space for a new solution to blossom. Trust that it will come to you. So, if you’ve been wrestling with the “What’s next?” question for a while, take a breather. Dive into something that brings you joy or energizes you – perhaps it’s cracking open a book or picking up a new hobby.

Doing something different not only gives your brain a breather but may also unveil a new insight. So, what’s your go-to when it comes to cracking the big problems, and how does creativity weave into your career journey?

Try these 3 game changing tips to turbocharge your creativity and let us know how they work for you!

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