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Luaskya Nonon

“Before joining Work Bigger, I struggled with clarity of purpose.

Now I’m able to articulate my values, strengths and my mission.

I can see the alignment between all three and know what I need in order to be happy in my profession.

If you’re thinking about joining Work Bigger, take the leap. It’s an investment in yourself and your future, and if you commit to the process you will so appreciate the end results!

Ada Chen

Ada Chen

“Before I joined the Work Bigger community, I felt lost in my career. There were immediate next steps I could take to get ahead at work, but nothing was making me feel fulfilled in my professional work.

Joining the Work Bigger community has helped me discover that there are others facing similar challenges, and I’ve made great connections with others who have supported me along my journey to uncover my personal mission and jumpstart the next phase of my career.”

Sarah Donna

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you and the Work Bigger community; I’m so happy I joined and really look forward to our calls each week and the connections with others. I even look forward to completing the worksheets and really see it as a fun homework of sorts, one that is really productive and tangible in pushing me forward to get my life to where I want it.

I seriously would be having a ton of anxiety if it weren’t for you. But with your help, I feel ready to go and excited about what’s the come!”

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