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Are you Dreaming about a Career Change in 2020?

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Hi there! Belma from Work Bigger here helping you do work you love that makes a difference in the world without burning out. 

Today I want to talk about what it takes to make a big career change. 

Every month in the Work Bigger Community we have one of our members co-host a call and lead a specific discussion on career and life.

This past month, we had member Leah Noumoff talk about making a big career pivot recently. 

Leah started her career in the restaurant space and soon transitioned to real estate. What she really, really wanted, however, was to work in art full time and to be an artist. 

So on our call Leah talked about how she made the move from real estate to full time artist. 

Leah now works at an art company full time, and she also runs her own creative studio. 

I’d like to share with you three key takeaways from Leah’s call because it was so powerful, and I know many of you are also thinking about making a career change. You’re probably wondering:

  •  How do I start? 
  • How do I communicate my value? 
  • And how do I do it without sacrificing my pay or starting over? 

So here’s what it takes to make a big career change and to making a career change that’s really aligned with what you want. 

Step 1: You have to first believe it’s possible 

This may sound woo woo and out there but this really is STEP #1. 

On the call, Leah talked about the big shift she had that allowed her to commit to her path as an artist

While participating in Work Bigger, Leah identified that her mission was to create aesthetic experiences that tell a story, and inspire the imagination (via art, design and other creative pursuits)

However, because at first she didn’t believe that being artist was a viable option, she was trying to find all of these different ways to make her art and career work that just didn’t make sense for her. Ultimately, she was wasting time and money and her energy. 

However, once she identified her mission and committed to it – which required her to have a strong BELIEF that it is possible, she started making different decisions to support the CREATION of that path. 

I’m going to say that again: Once Leah had the BELIEF that what she wanted is POSSIBLE, she started making decisions to support the CREATION of that path. 

So her beliefs drove her decisions. 

Now, let’s talk about Step 2: Leah said making the actual transition took about 2 years.

This is important because I don’t want to sugar coat things for you.

Sometimes these things take longer and we need to be ok with that, especially if you think about the long term pay off. 

2 years is actually a short amount of time if you think about your whole life and how this will pay off 5 years from now.

Leah shared that it took 2 years because during that time she had to work a lot on her imposter syndrome, mindset and learning to think differently

Most of our actions are habitual. They’re a result of mental and emotional habits that we’ve developed because of our past. 

So if we want to do something different and something we have never done before we have to create new mental and emotional habits to support that future vision. 

And that takes time.

Step 3: Leah took a lot of action.

I shared with you that once Leah committed to her path, she started making different decisions. Those decisions consisted of: taking  on more art projects, learning graphic design, and partnering with other Work Bigger members to support them with art projects that they needed – like creating logos for their businesses. 

She did all of this so that she could create her portfolio and experience as an artist.

She didn’t WAIT for the opportunities to come to her and she didn’t wait for the right job opportunity to just show up.

She took action to CREATE whatever she needed that would enable her to fill in the experience gaps. Because often times – this is the issue – we’re stuck with “how do I make this change when I don’t have experience?” 

Two years in and Leah applied for an artist position that she saw online and she got the job! But it was a result of all the prep work she did in advance.  

So let’s do a quick recap. To make a big career change you have to…

  • Get clear on your mission and believe that what you want is possible,
  • Work on developing new mental and emotional habits to support your future vision, and
  • Take action and fill in the experience gaps 

Now I want to hear from you.

  • Are you dreaming of a career change in 2020? 
  • What insights do you have as you hear about Leah’s story? 
  • What’s one action you want to take as a result of the insight that you have?

Share with us in the comments and I’ll give you some extra coaching around it. 

That’s it for this week Work Bigger! 

We’re taking a break for the holidays, so there’s no video these next two weeks. I want to wish you an amazing holiday with family and friends, and I also hope you take some time off to reflect and enjoy the holidays. 

I’ll see you in January. 

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