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{Video} Over Your Job? Let’s Talk About It

Are you over your job? Do you often ask yourself: “Should I quit my job to follow my passion?” or “What if I eventually get bored?”

You’ve probably heard me say that passion is not enough to sustain your career change. You need a mission – something bigger to anchor you to your work.

But passion is one aspect of finding your mission. You still need it.

So how do you get it, and what happens if you follow it (without any expectation)?

Today, we’re chatting with Work Bigger member Stephanie Domanski about how to deal with those feelings when you are over your job. Stephanie and I are going to talk about:

(1) What happens when you tap into your curiosity and interests…where can it lead?
(2) The KEY shift Stephanie has needed to make to move from frustration to progress with her career change.
(3) The big AHA she’s had while undergoing Work Bigger.

If you’re feeling frustrated with your work in ANY way, you don’t want to miss this conversation.

{This interview was conducted in the Work Bigger Community on Facebook}

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