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{Video} How to LOVE Your Job and Feel Connected at Work

Do you love your job? I hear this ALL the time. I feel like sometimes it’s all our society can talk about. But what I really hear when people say this to me is “I want to feel more connected to my work.”

And trust me… I get it. I believe that our work is a manifestation of who we are and who we want to be.

But how do we make this kind of work possible? Where do we start? And what does it look like when you are that deeply connected to your work? I mean that’s not a small ask right? It’s possible though, and I’m seeing it happen everyday.

Work Bigger graduate Leah Suzette Noumoff and I talk about what it means to love your job. Leah participate in the Work Bigger Program last fall. Since then she’s been on the move building her art business, learning to code, building a website and more.

We’ll be talking about what it means to find your mission, do work you love and be in action around your creation.

After you’ve finished watching this video on how to love your job, let us know in the comments – what’s the greatest insight that you’ve taken? And what would it take for you to really love your job? 

{This video was first shared in the Work Bigger Community on Facebook}


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