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Reflecting on Recent Tragedies

By 13/07/2016April 9th, 2018Uncategorised

This week I’d like to address the recent tragic events that have occurred. I’m struggling to process all that’s happened in such a short time.

I know I’m not alone, and that many of you are likely feeling the same sense of loss and confusion.

“How is this still happening in 2016?” I asked my husband in reference to the Alton Sterling and Philando Castile shootings.

“Sadly, it has always been happening. We’re now just seeing more of it because of technology.”

I am horrified by these events.  

People driven by fear – whether it’s the Orlando shooting or the rampant racism that still exists in our country or the terrorist attacks happening throughout the world – seem to be taking over.

I log onto Facebook. My feed is covered with news. My feed is covered with confusion, anger, and sadness.

I don’t know how to respond. I’m still in shock. What’s most heartbreaking is seeing the impact the events are having on my friends and family and the uncertainty they have spurred among so many.

I’ll be spending the next several weeks, months and years thinking about social impact and change and how to infuse more of it into my work. As of right now, I’m still feeling stuck. I’m still in shock.

The only thought that comes to mind and gives me some reprieve is pushing ahead with my work, this website, the writing, connecting with all of you, and helping more of us to become mission-driven.

I know many of us want to make a difference. There are clearly so many problems to solve.

I feel the work we do on an individual level can have larger implications than we realize. The good, the positive impact, the personal growth accumulate and have compounding effects.

If you have thoughts or suggestions on how we can come together to drive social change and make a difference please email me directly at or leave a comment. 

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