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How the Brain Impacts Your Burnout: Part 1

We talk a lot about burnout and overwhelm here at Work Bigger.

The truth is so many of us are struggling with emotional and mental health today. It’s a huge problem.

Doing work we love is impossible if we’re not feeling good. And making decisions that are in your best interest is impossible if you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

I’m talking about this more starting this week and for the next four weeks.

I’ve put together a 4-part training, How the Brain Impacts Your Burnout.

If you’re struggling with any sort of decision – especially a big career change – I highly recommend you stop and watch this. 

In this 4-part series, you’ll learn:

  • What’s causing your burnout and exhaustion, and
  • How to work through that burnout so you can make the right decision and ultimately greater progress with your goals.

This is part 1, where I share the #1 thing you need to do before making a big career decision or career change. 

When you’re done, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments:

  1. Is there a big decision you’re struggling with right now? and
  2. Are you currently in an away state or a toward state?

Comment below, and I’d love to give you some feedback / pointers.

Next week, I’ll share HOW to move into a toward state so make sure to tune in.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this new series.

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  • LOVE this training because it’s so important for people to understand that you can’t make good decisions for yourself when you’re in a state of lack/fear/overwhelm/sadness/anger/burnout/etc. I was just in the middle of this myself… having to stop and pause my life because I had been in a burned out/”away” state for so long, I knew I couldn’t move forward or make real decisions until I got out of it. Practicing presence and just BEing helped so much, and really brought me back to center!

    • Belma McCaffrey says:

      Thank you for sharing Leah! So helpful to hear others’ perspectives and BRAVO for focusing on being. That is WAY more challenging than being in action, but the first step to change.

    • Cheryl Phillips says:

      I am currently in an away state. I am stuck here because of cercumstances that I can’t change right now. Thank you for your informative imspiration.
      Cheryl Phillips

      • Belma McCaffrey says:

        Thanks for your comment Cheryl, and I’m glad to hear this serves as a bit of inspiration in your day. I hope Part 2 – how to start shifting from Away to Toward – helps as well!

  • Lena says:

    Hey Belma, thanks for sharing this video! I love this topic and am always trying to learn new techniques to get out of my burnout. I’m currently in the AWAY state and have been for ages. I’m really looking forward to learning more on how to change this mindset to the other side so I can become more open and creative and ultimately figure out my burning career change (figuring out my next move). 🙂

    • Belma McCaffrey says:

      Thank you for sharing where you’re at Lena! We’re definitely going to work on changing this mindset and moving you to the TOWARD state in August in the community. (And Part 2 covers this as well.) It’s step #1! Excited to hear how it all works out for you.

  • Hi Belma, loved this video and looking forward to the series. Burnout comes and goes for me in waves, but when it hits, it hits hard. I can’t wait to learn more. Thank you for such great content!

    • Belma McCaffrey says:

      Thank you for sharing Cristy! When you say “when it hits, it hits hard” – makes me think and wonder if somehow there’s a buildup in that process (starts small, little by little but without seeing the small events that eventually lead up to the big burnout phase.) Excited to share more with you as well 🙂

  • Kait says:

    Hi, Belma! Thanks for sharing this series! Burn out is something I struggle with often, and it does seem to sap up all of my energy. When it’s severe, I feel like my evenings are spent recharging for the next day. Excited to hear what you have to share in the coming weeks!

    • Belma McCaffrey says:

      Thanks for sharing Kait! I hear you and it can feel frustrating to spend your evening with the next day in mind vs. with the present moment in mind. Excited to dig into more of this in our group coaching call this week with the rest of the community! And curious to hear what you think of part 2. 🙂

  • Elaine Matteucci says:

    I really enjoyed this video, and your insight, thank you Belma! This has helped me identify why it has been so challenging for me to move from the away state I am currently in/have been in for a few years, to the towards state. It also has helped me recognize that this is normal when in the away state, which is comforting. I’m looking forward to getting to the towards state and am appreciative of your help!

    • Belma McCaffrey says:

      Thanks for sharing Elaine! It is totally normal, and I’m excited to support you with shifting to the toward state. Let us know what you think of the other parts.

  • Walter Van Den Broeck says:

    Hi Belma,

    I came across your website and your 4-part series on “How the brain impacts your burnout”. Although your sessions date from July 2019, I would still like to jump on the bandwagon.

    As far as your questions are concerned on part 1:
    – big decision: finding a new job
    – state: I am currently not in an away state but I cannot really say I am already fully in a toward state. Since the start of my burnout in June 2019, I have been on and off in away and (more or less) toward states. During the period July 2019 – Jan 2020, I was definitely more in an away state because, as soon as I started feeling a bit better (getting into the towards state), I pushed myself to start finding a new job. Of course, it quickly threw me back in the away state because I was simply not ready. Since Feb 2020, I have clearly moved to a towards state but am not sure if I am fully there

    • Belma McCaffrey says:

      Hi Walter – So glad you’re sharing on here and doing the exercises! We tend to fluctuate from one state to the other. That’s completely normal. One state can’t exist without the other. It sounds like you’re building awareness on when you’re fluctuating, and I’d say that’s great – self awareness is the first step to change. As far as being “fully there” – I don’t know if there’s such a thing. I’d ask myself – how am I feeling? Am I feeling excited and am I doing things that feel a little out of my comfort zone? That’s a sign you’re on the right path.

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