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How the Brain Impacts Your Burnout: Part 4

We’re now on Part 4 of How the Brain Impacts Your Burnout – a series to help you make better decisions, overcome stress and ultimately be more intentional with your career. ?

If you missed the previous trainings, make sure you watch them:

In today’s video, I share a recap of Parts 1-3, and I highlight some of the comments from you – our readers!

This includes:

  • What’s the best action to take when you’re really burned out?
  • How can you move into a place of possibility when your circumstances have you feeling completely down?
  • What’s one thing you can do today if you’ve been in a negative place for a really long time?

A BIG THANK YOU to you for watching and sharing your comments. The comments inspired this video, and as a result, we can take this conversation even deeper.

When you’re done watching, I’d love to hear from you. What is the biggest insight you’ve taken from this 4-part series?

Comment below, and also stay tuned for a special announcement on changes to the Work Bigger Community. 

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