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How the Brain Impacts Your Burnout: Part 3

We’re now on Part 3 of our 4-Part series on How the Brain Impacts Your Burnout.

If you missed the previous trainings, make sure you watch them:

In Part 3, we’re talking about emotional triggers.

Emotional triggers are hot spots or events that give you an emotional charge.

Think about an event at work that really frustrated you, or something a friend said that left you really unsettled. You probably spent hours or maybe even days thinking about this event.

OR – maybe it bothered you so much you buried it deep down somewhere in your subconscious.

That’s a trigger.

These triggers can put you in the away state or the toward state causing you to make good or bad decisions.

You want to understand what’s triggering you so that you can also see how these hot spots are impacting your thinking and your behavior.

Left unmanaged, triggers can push us to sabotage our success.

In this video, I share a framework to help you understand your positive and negative triggers.

When you’re done watching, see if you can apply this to your life. Let me know in the comments:

  1. Which part of the SCARF model is most important to you?
  2. What’s one thing that’s triggering you at work right now?

Comment below, and I’d love to give you some feedback and pointers.

Next week, I’ll do one final session where we bring all of these learnings together. I’ll incorporate some of your questions and comments as well so do leave a comment.

Looking forward to hearing your comments and questions!

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