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From Almost Sabotaging Myself to Making Progress

making progress tips and advice

The other day my business coach told me to “hustle” by going out and trying five new things that will help me drive my business. I was all excited to tackle the work and get things moving.

But a couple of days into the “hustle” I started to feel like shit.

“I don’t like to hustle,” I thought.

It’s true that I’m sick of the word “hustle” – the idea that unless you’re working hard and pushing against the current you’re not doing enough.

But despite being sick of the word and this meaning, I DO like to hustle, when hustling = stepping outside of my comfort zone, trying new things, and doing what I need to do to drive my mission.

Making Progress: Tips and Advice

So then what don’t I like?

I don’t like facing my own limitations, which is exactly what was happening as I was pushing myself to step outside of my comfort zone.

Can you relate? You know that moment when you realize (whatever it is you’re pursuing) – “Damn, this is hard and I feel vulnerable.” If you’re a human reading this, you’ll likely agree with me.

However, what would have happened if I’d told myself “I don’t like to hustle,” and I immediately believed it?

Maybe I’d have given up.

I’d definitely be less self-aware of the real problem.

I definitely would not have grown past the “facing my own limitations is hard” thing.

And moving past our limitations = growth.

Here’s how to move past the resistance and overcome your limitations so you can become the fully evolved human you’re meant to be.

What’s the REAL Problem?

How many times do you feel off, but you can’t identify why. You know something doesn’t feel right, and you’re definitely not “in flow.”

Often times we don’t dig deep. Instead, we live in the negativity, sitting there.

It’s ok to feel it. Actually, I encourage it. We need to process what’s happening. But it’s important to also dig deeper.

For example, as I was feeling off while “husting” I decided to ask myself – “What’s going on? Why do I feel this way?”

It’s after asking certain questions that I identified in these low moments I’m afraid of failure, and I’m afraid of rejection. As I try things that are new to me, I’m putting myself out there in a new way. And that’s not easy.

It was only after this realization that I could breathe a bit.

Digging deep can be challenging. Here’s a Six-Step Framework to Get Unstuck so you can dig deep when you’re feeling off. Download it HERE

Understanding the REAL problem leads to progress. .

Self-Love = the BEST Love

I love myself.


So I don’t like to see myself down in the dumps. Once I’ve identified what’s going on and why I feel off, I give myself a pep talk.

I go through each limitation, where I feel I’m struggling, and I ask myself – What do I need to hear? What will lift me up right now?

  1. Fear of rejection ⇒ Rejection will not kill me.
  2. Fear of failure ⇒ The “there’s a solution for everything” motto has served me well so far. There’s always a pivot, always a way through. What are some possible alternative solutions?
  3. Am I delusional? ⇒ (Ok this one requires some faith because honestly who the hell knows?) I settle for a “no, I’m brilliant.”

In moments when I fail or face rejection, my center, confidence, self-love (whatever you want to call it) is what I fall back on. No one can take that away from me.

However, the pep talk itself only gets us so far. Which brings me to…

Do It Anyway

The only way forward is through action. We can sit and ruminate and plan and think all day long, but only taking action allows us to have the experience we need to get out of the funk.

Let me state that again. Action ⇒ the experience we need to get out of the funk. (Tweet it!)

It’s only through experience that we learn and grow, fail, fall down, get up. Action is a choice. 

Afraid you won’t get the job you want? Just apply.

Afraid your business idea isn’t that solid? Go out and get feedback. 

Do something, and then monitor how you feel afterward. Feel better? Hold on to that. 

How do you currently tackle your limitations and focus on making progress  Pick one of the insights from above and list one thing you can do right now to help make forward movement with your goals. (And don’t forget to download the six-step framework to get unstuck.)

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