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{Video} Meet the Woman Behind IssueVoter, A Platform That’s Making Your Voice Heard in Washington

By 17/01/2018April 23rd, 2018I Don't Know What I Want To Do

What if you identify a BIG problem in the world, and you find yourself on the front line solving it, taking risks and doing the hard work? How do you stay motivated given the multitude of challenges we can face when setting and reaching big goals?

Maria Yuan, founder of IssueVoter, identified that most U.S. citizens are disengaged with our politics outside major elections. So she built a website that helps make our voices heard in Washington and keeps our representatives accountable.

But she’s just getting started. There’s a lot of work to be done.

What’s driving Maria to take on this extremely important, yet challenging mission with IssueVoter?

Transitioning from Wall Street to politics to the startup world with IssueVoter, Maria shares:

  • how to get closer to your mission even if at times it feels out of reach,
  • what she does to build her creativity so she can solve the big problems, and
  • three things we can do right now to get closer to the work we want to do.

{This video was first shared in the Work Bigger Community on Facebook}


After you’ve finished watching, let us know in the comments – what’s the greatest insight that you’ve learned from this video about the founder of IssueVoter?

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