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Is your fear mindset sabotaging your success?

Let’s talk about the fear mindset.

Remember in Sex and the City when Charlotte was freaking out because her life was too perfect?

I think about that scene from time to time when things are really good. 

When is the ball going to drop?!

While working with a life and leadership coach this year, I identified a big mental habit. 

Even when things are really good in my life, I like to find the conflict in things. 

In my case, finding the conflict means looking for the negative. 

My business is growing, but it’s only temporary. 

Evan (my husband) and I have found a new and better flow with parenting, but something will happen to throw us off balance. 

Can you relate to this? If you tend to lean into fear-based emotions when things seem to be going well, you’re not alone. 

Maybe you’re moving up at work, but imposter syndrome starts to creep up on you. 

Or, you’ve had a big win but you brush it aside. 

This is fear sneaking up on you.  

In this week’s video (or audio) episode, I share some examples of how fear can be more powerful than possibility and what you should watch out for. 

When you’re done watching, I’d love to help you through your specific challenge:

  • Where in your life do you follow the fear? Is it at work, is it in your relationships or somewhere else? 
  • Are there areas in your life where you feel too scared to lean into desire and possibility? 

Share with me in the comments, and I’ll coach you on it. 

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