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{Video} Here’s How to Use Your Voice & Make Yourself Heard

By 16/03/2018April 25th, 2018I Need A New Job

Do you struggle with how to use your voice? Or have you ever felt it difficult to speak up and use your full voice? Maybe everyone else around you is loud, so you feel the need to be quiet. Or maybe you’re just quiet by nature, and speaking up feels uncomfortable.

We’re interviewing Julie Fogh, Co-founder of Vital Voice Training for #WorkBiggerStories on how to use your voice.

Julie and I will talk about:

(1) the power of using our voices and how to use your voice,
(2) what we can do right now to feel more confident and stronger, and
(3) how experiences – whether traumatic or exotic – change us forever.

After you’re done watching this video on how to use your voice, we’d love to hear from you! How does confidence play a role in your work? And what’s one thing you can do right now to make yourself heard in the workplace?

{This video was first shared in the Work Bigger Community on Facebook}



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