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How to Get Involved for the Upcoming Election and Beyond: Conversation with IssueVoter

how to get informed for the November election and beyond

Being civically engaged year round can feel overwhelming. So, with the upcoming November 2018 elections you may feel behind on your candidates, the key issues, and what you need to do to make sure you’re using your voice effectively.

Work Bigger and IssueVoter came together for the Work Bigger Community to help keep you informed on the upcoming elections.

On this call, we cover:

(1) The key resources you need to prepare for the upcoming elections.
(2) Actions you can take to increase your impact.
(3) How you can set yourself up to stay civically engaged year-round.

After you watch the video, share any additional questions in the comments.

And to make your voice heard in Washington, sign up for IssueVoter at

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