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How Can We Make Progress When We Have a Million Things Going On?


Lately when people ask me what I do, I hesitate.

Do I say…

“I work at the largest news organization in the world, the Associated Press,”

“I’m building a website focused on redefining work,”

or do I talk about both?

This week I’m featured on The Fierce Focus podcast with Ryan Ross.

While some may think that having two jobs plus family and life responsibilities makes me anything but “focused,” there’s a bigger reason behind the madness. And for me, focusing is more important than ever.

So today, I’m sharing a few things…

  • Tips to…you guessed it, focus! How can we make progress in our work when we have a million things going on?
  • The power of negotiation and being solutions-oriented.
  • How to turn a negative into a positive. How can difficult situations work in our favor?

Listen here, and then tell me in the comments, when it comes to focusing, what’s your biggest struggle?

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