Work Bigger Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

Work Bigger stands against racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ageism  and discrimination against people who are differently-abled. We’re working to develop and implement strategies within the business to help dismantle systemic issues against marginalized communities. 

Work Bigger’s mission is to help people do work they love that makes a difference in the world without burning out. At our core, we help people reach their full potential. But working on reaching your full potential is a privilege and often impossible to do when you’re battling systemic issues and bias. 

Below is our commitment and statement to incorporate diversity, equity and inclusion into our business so that we can address systemic issues along with individual support. 

This is a work in progress, and we’ll continue updating as we learn and grow. 


We commit to undergo DEI training in 2021 to support with learning:

  • How to be more inclusive of diverse voices overall 
  • How to make our content and curriculum more inclusive and ensure that it acknowledges systemic issues 
  • Where and how to better vet more diverse members and clients 
  • Where and how to better vet more diverse team members 


Representation: Photos on our website and social media will showcase diverse individuals and individuals who are part of marginalized communities – beyond tokenization – to reflect that all are welcome and included. 

We also commit to auditing our operational resources to spend 20 to 30 percent of our budget toward businesses owned by individuals who belong to marginalized communities.

Hiring: As Work Bigger grows, we commit to actively seeking and hiring a diverse team.

Currently (2020): 1 full time employee (Belma McCaffrey, CEO + Founder), 2 part time contractors (1 BIPOC female, 1 white male).

  • Add a DEI statement to job posts. 
  • Post the listing on job sites geared toward BIPOC and marginalized communities to increase visibility of opportunities. We will use this list as a guide to start and will continue seeking other resources:


As we work on bringing in guest speakers and sharing resources with our members and clients, we commit to showcasing resources by individuals who are part of marginalized communities. 

We’ll also vet resources that we use for our own training to ensure they tackle and address systemic issues. 

Currently we’ve undergone coach training with the NeuroLeadership Institute, and we’ll continue to expand our learning and resources outside of this. 


We’ll vet partners to ensure they’re values aligned and have also committed to being anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-ageist, anti-homophobic, and anti-transphobic. 

Partners who extend an invitation to Belma to speak, will be asked about the percentage of BIPOC and diverse individuals who are spotlighted on their respective platform (podcast, panels, keynotes, blogs, etc.) and Belma will only accept the invitation if people of color and people from marginalized groups are included beyond tokenization.

Service providers, educational resources, communities/groups we join as a company (as well as Belma as an individual) will be vetted for diversity, equity, and inclusion before we sign on with them

  • Do they have a DEI policy? Will they share it?
  • What percentage of participants are BIPOC?